Stress & Anxiety

Feeling stressed, anxious or drained? This seems to be way too common amongst too many people, due to our busy complex lives that we live. Most people find it difficult to find the time and quiet space to relax and recharge.

Salt Therapy is 100% Natural and while improving your respiratory and skin health, salt therapy can also boost your mental wellbeing.

As you sit back and relax in our comfortable massage chairs, you’ll have the chance to slow down and focus on your breath. We have a beautiful Himalayan salt wall in our group room and during a session we dim the lights and play relaxing music.

During your salt session, you will be surrounded by negative ions. Negative ions boost serotonin or “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain too, which in turn, creates higher alertness, relieves stress and enhances mental energy.

We recommend weekly visits to Smart Salt to help you with your mental health & wellbeing.

Group Room - A relaxing room just for adults with heated massage chairs, Himalayan salt wall, peaceful music and dim lighting.

Private Room - A robe and herbal tea will be provided. During your session you’ll be able to drift off whilst enjoying the comfortable massage chair.