Sleep & Snoring

Are you struggling to get a decent night sleep which then is causing an impact on your overall health?

Do you keep your spouse awake all night from your snoring?

When experiencing a salt session here at Smart Salt you’ll be inhaling dry salt particles deep into your lungs, which then lines the walls of your airways and helps loosen congestion.

This creates a clean respiratory system, which promotes easier breathing and a relaxed sleep, while also reducing mild snoring.

What are Negative ions:

Ions are colorless, odorless, molecules that are believed to produce a biochemical reaction. Ions can be positively or negatively charged. Positive ions are found to be emitted by computers, televisions and other electronic devices. They create an atmosphere of enhanced anxiety. Negative ions appear in nature more readily than positive ions. Negative ions are found in moving water, such as waterfall, rivers and the ocean. Plants are also a good source of negative ions.

During your salt session, you will be surrounded by negative ions. Negative ions boost serotonin or “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain too, which in turn, creates higher alertness, relieves stress and enhances mental energy. In addition to the salt surrounding you, the salt you are breathing in helps to open up your airways to improve breathing and allowing for a better night’s sleep.

Salt therapy will give your overall health the boost it needs in addition to providing a preventative measure in the future.

Most people comment about how they had a good night sleep after just one session in our salt room. To keep this up so it’s re-occurring we recommend having salt therapy sessions twice a week.
Smart Salt provides 3 relaxing rooms for you to choose from to enjoy your treatment in so you can unwind and de-stress.

The Group Room & Private Room runs for 45 minutes and Children’s room 20-30 minutes.

Group Room - A relaxing room just for adults with heated massage chairs, Himalayan salt wall, peaceful music and dim lighting.

Children’s Room - A room just for children (and their parents) with a big salty sand pit, fun toys and a TV

Private Room - A robe and herbal tea will be provided. During your session you’ll be able to drift off whilst enjoying the comfortable massage chair.