Are you sick of continuously trying different medication and steroid creams for you skin conditions?

Do you wish you could spend this money on enjoyment rather then medication?

Do you just wish you could have a decent night sleep without feeling irritable from itchy sore skin?

Salt Therapy is a 100% natural alternative treatment to help manage skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and Dermatitis. Unfortunately, most medications used for these skin condition provide short term relief and can have harmful side effects. Following a regular regimen of salt therapy session, It’ll aid in providing ongoing clearing of the skin whilst looking forward to your relaxing treatments. Everyone sees results at different stages some might see results after the first session whilst others may need 1-20 sessions in a short period of time to see optimal results.

Full skin exposure to dry salt will help to improve your skins good bacteria, whilst stimulating cell regeneration and exfoliation to remove the oils and bacteria that cause the skin irritation and skin conditions. Salt therapy is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therefore, these qualities can offer real relief for red, itchy and flaky skin.

The pharmaceutical-grade salt that is circulating throughout the air during a salt session, acts as an exfoliant and promotes healthy oil production in the skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of salt help to reduce the redness and inflammation associated with skin conditions. Due to Salt Therapy being natural, it’s perfect for toddlers and babies with sensitive skin.

You will need to have full skin exposure of the affected area therefore we recommended enjoying your 45 minute session in our private room where you’ll be provided a robe and the option of a herbal tea.