Would you like to be less dependent on your inhaler?

Would it be nice to be able to take deep breaths and feel less tired and wheezy?

Salt therapy also known as Halotherapy is a 100% natural alternative to effectively manage your symptoms from respiratory conditions such as asthma. During a Smart Salt session you will breathe the dry microscopic salt particles deep into your lungs, in which, they line the walls of your airways, helping to kill bacteria and viruses, and aiding in the clearing of mucus. This process reduces inflammation in the entire respiratory tract, allowing you to breathe easier. The salt is working as a "bronchial brush" for the airways. With regular salt therapy sessions, many people report less coughing, less congestion and easier breathing. There’s been many testimony’s of asthmatics not having to use their inhaler as often. Results may vary between clients and we recommend if you have any concerns to discuss the use of salt therapy with your doctor.

Smart Salt provides 3 relaxing rooms for you to choose from to enjoy your treatment in so you can unwind and de-stress.

The Group Room & Private Room runs for 45 minutes and Children’s room 20-30 minutes.

Group Room - A relaxing room just for adults with heated massage chairs, Himalayan salt wall, peaceful music and dim lighting.

Children’s Room - A room just for children (and their parents) with a big salty sand pit, fun toys and a TV

Private Room- A robe and herbal tea will be provided. During your session you’ll be able to drift off whilst enjoying the comfortable massage chair.